Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Any Occasion

August 27th, 2010

Centerpieces are the focal point of any table but if you’re wondering how to choose the right centerpiece for your wedding, party or special event, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Little Pink Roses Centerpiece with Champagne Glasses

Size Matters

If your centerpiece is being placed in the center of guest tables, they should be well below eye level – approximately 18 to 20 inches – so that it doesn’t block conversation and so that guests can see other activities that are taking place around the room.

If you want to have a larger, more impressive centerpiece to take up visual space in a room with a high ceiling or for dramatic effect, then it needs to be placed atop a transparent base or suspended from the ceiling.

The diameter of the centerpiece is also important. You don’t want it to be too large so that it crowds the table when it’s filled with place settings.

If you’ve chosen small centerpieces and they seem “lost” on a large table, fill in the visual space in the center of the table by scattering objects around the centerpiece. This can be flower petals, seashells, confetti, candy, colorful stones, or tea lights. Just make sure that whatever you choose enhances your centerpiece design.

Large Vase of Red Roses

When to Go Big

If you’re having a buffet, want to highlight the place card table, show off an impressive entrance, act as a backdrop, or if you want to decorate a powder room, then feel free to choose a large, grand arrangement as long as it doesn’t block your guests’ access.


If you are using long tables instead of round ones, rather than having a centerpiece that can be enjoyed only by those sitting near the center of the table, you might want to choose a centerpiece arrangement that spans the table’s length. That way all of your guests can have something interesting to look at.

Depending on your theme, this can be a collection of small floral arrangements, an assortment of candles, a collection of colorful toys, paintings, figurines or even a loose array of fruits, flowers, vegetables, foliage and/or nuts spread onto a decorative table runner.

The Right Style

Your centerpiece should not only enhance your theme, it should be appropriate to the event as well.

While a selection of beach toys might be perfect for a child’s beach-themed birthday party, it would be much too casual for a beach-themed wedding. Then you would want to choose seashells, flowers with seaside embellishments, vases with sea grass and live tropical fishes or something that is more elegant and appropriate for a more formal occasion.

If looking for ‘bling’ in your wedding centerpieces, review our guest post ideas
in the Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine. And always carefully consider not only the theme but the occasion when choosing your centerpiece.

Scent of pine with season red candles

Fragrance Factors

You may love the intoxicating scent of lilies, roses or other fragrant blooms, but if the scent becomes overpowering, it may interfere with your guests’ sense of taste and ruin your meal. Use very fragrant flowers only in areas and at times when their scent won’t interfere with your guests’ enjoyment.

Seasonal Splendor

An ice sculpture in summer would be as out of place as autumn leaves, pumpkins and fall flowers would be at a springtime event. Besides choosing the right color, also keep in mind the time of year to make your entire event seasonally appropriate.

Follow these tips and your centerpiece will truly be your table’s center of attention.

Destination Wedding Planning: No Passport Required – Part 2

August 22nd, 2010

In part 1 of this series you discovered several of the numerous island getaways available without a passport for U. S. citizens. In this segment, you’ll learn about other excellent destination wedding and honeymoon choices that are a located in the continental United States. Many you’ll be able to reach by car or just a short airplane ride away.

Rocky Mountain High Wedding Scenery

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Whether you’re a city slicker with a yen for wide open spaces or a genuine cowgirl and cowboy, Texas offers an enormous range of destination wedding sites. Want to combine star style with upscale yet rustic charm? Head over to the Southfork Ranch not far from Dallas. The ranch was the setting for the popular “Dallas” TV series (1978-1991) and home of the fictional Ewing family of oil and land barons.

Or get married along San Antonio’s picturesque Riverwalk. “Urban Cowboy” fans will delight in having their wedding at Houston’s Gilley’s or their Dallas location. Horses, hoe-downs, honky tonks and more are all available in the Lone Star State.

Mountain’s Majesty

From high up the Northeast Coast, to the Smoky Mountains to the Rocky Mountains, there are dozens of elegant or rustic resorts that would be the perfect location for a winter wonderland wedding. Or go in the off-season and the hills will come alive with colorful wildflowers or autumnal glory and dazzling vistas. And if you plan your wedding in the off-season, you and your guests will be able to enjoy huge savings while still reveling in stunning settings.

Beauty of mutiple flowing waterfalls

Waterfall Weddings

Hawaii is known for their spectacular waterfalls and, of course, one of the most popular honeymoon and wedding destinations in the world – Niagara Falls – is located on the New York and Canadian borders. But you’ll be happy to know that many states offer gorgeous natural waterfalls that would be a wonderful backdrop for your waterfall wedding. Man-made waterfalls also abound in numerous states as well.

Everglades Environment

Located between the east and west coasts of Florida, the spectacular scenery of sea grass and wildlife is unmatched when you hold your wedding in and around the Everglades National Park. Arrive by airboat to your natural nuptials.

Its untouched splendor remains the same as it did thousands of years ago but you’ll find modern-day conveniences and gorgeous venues within minutes of this most breathtaking spectacle. And, of course, don’t be surprised to find a few uninvited guests – alligators, egrets, hawks and a variety of water fowl – which’ve come to check out your wedding.

Romantic wine valley get away perfect for weddings

Winery Weddings

You don’t have to travel to Napa Valley for a winery wedding. You’ll find vineyards in New York, Florida, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Georgia, Idaho, New Mexico, Michigan, Colorado, and many more states.

Desirable destination wedding sites are located throughout the U.S. and all can be visited without a passport. Browse throught someof our other destination wedding planning ideas.

Wedding Flower Girl Dresses – Styles That Will Make Her Smile

August 18th, 2010

Flower Girl Holding Basket in Front of Bride

Few things are more charming or bring out the “aww” response in guests than seeing a flower girl walk down the aisle just ahead of the bride. But to make sure that your flower girl is as comfortable as she is cute, here are some suggestions for selecting a wedding flower girl dress.

Timeless Style

Bridal gown styles may change from year to year but long, short or mid-calf, you’ll find wedding flower girl dresses have been essentially the same for decades.


When selecting the dress for your flower girl, you may find that your designer offers a style that’s a comparable version of your own wedding gown so she looks like a miniature bride.

Just One of the Girls

You also can find styles that will mimic the design of your bridal attendants’ attire. Or choose something that is an age-appropriate style that’s made in the same color and fabric or you can choose one that is the reverse of what your bridesmaids are wearing so that your flower girl stands out. For instance, if your bridesmaids’ dresses are pink with a lavender sash have your wedding flower girl dress be in lavender dress with a pink sash.

Flower Girl in Lavendar Dress Smelling Flower

Comfort is Key

Carefully consider not only the formality or informality of your wedding but the season and weather conditions. You want to make sure that your flower girl is dressed appropriately so that she is neither too hot nor too cold so that she doesn’t fidget and is unhappy throughout your ceremony and reception.

This means you may need to choose a dress with a jacket or wrap if you’re getting married in colder months even if your adult bridal attendants are going sleeveless or bare-shouldered. Conversely, you’ll want a breezy fabric for hot summer months.

Room to Grow

Don’t forget that a little girl can grow considerably from the time that you order her dress to when she will wear it at your wedding. So choose a size or two larger than she is at her first fitting if there is going to be several months between when you order the dress and your wedding date. Also look for styles that can be easily altered to fit her growing size as you near your wedding.

White Flower Girl's Shoes with Pretty Bow

Fancy Feet

You might be tempted to suggest that your flower girl wear mini-heels. However, most little girls can’t pull that style off, may have trouble walking in them or will quickly become uncomfortable. Instead choose a ballet slipper or comfortable patent leather flats.

You have put so much thought into choosing your dress and that of your grown-up bridal attendants. Take the same care to select a style for your wedding flower girl dress that will make her (and your guests) smile.

Destination Wedding Planning: Basics Part 2

August 13th, 2010

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed budgets and the selection of planners, vendors and suppliers. Here are some additional items to consider when deciding whether or not to use of our destination wedding planning guide.
Village on a Hill in France

Go with the Flow

If you are used to the hustle, bustle and options available in a major metropolitan city, you may find that there is a different mindset at your destination wedding locale. Not only may the locals move at a much slower pace, but you may find that their resources are considerably more limited than what would be available back home.

Missing the Action

Depending on your chosen location, you may find that people you want to have at your wedding may not be able to attend. It can be that they can’t afford it, can’t take that much time away from home, family or work, or it simply can be that elderly relatives cannot comfortably make the long trip or can’t trek up to your mountain retreat.

While you may be able to have someone transmit the ceremony and reception to loved ones back home through real-time services like Skype or invite everyone to see the video when you return, it may not be as meaningful to you or them if they’re not with you in person. So you may have to re-evaluate the “if” or the “where” or your wedding destination.

On the other hand, choosing a destination wedding might be the perfect way to whittle down your guest list to only those people who are the most important to you.

Your Dress or Distressed?

If you’ve always pictured yourself wearing an opulent ball gown style wedding dress or being covered head to toe in heavy satin, consider if your dream dress is appropriate or practical for your destination wedding locale. Will your dress work on a sandy beach? Will you be able to scale that mountain top with a long train? Will you wilt under the weight and fabric of your wedding gown on your island retreat?

How will you transport your gown when it takes a jet and two small planes to get to your location? It’s essential to decide whether your dream dress or dream location is more important to your overall happiness.

Couple embracing on the beach

But I Only Have a Week

Some destinations require that you establish “residency” in their country or on their island before qualifying for a marriage license. This residency time can be from a few days to a week or more depending on the location.

If your vacation time or funds are limited, you may find that you will have to either shorten your honeymoon or have it before your wedding.

Honeymoon for Two…or Twenty

You may naturally assume that once the wedding is over, your guests will magically disappear and you and your spouse can enjoy a romantic, solitary honeymoon. Unfortunately, some guests may decide that since they spent so much money to get to your destination wedding, they may just extend their stay for a few more days. That will make it awkward for the two of you to escape for some much desired one-on-one time when people you know are staying at the same hotel as you.

However, if you’re less concerned with a solo honeymoon, this may be the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends you don’t get to see often. After all, most wedding receptions only last a few hours. A destination wedding may give you the chance to spend several days with people who don’t live close to you.

Beach Wedding Ideas – Make Your Wedding Hot, Hot, Hot!

August 8th, 2010

Beach Wedding Couple Kissing on the Sandy CoastA beach wedding is one of the most popular themes and can take place not only by the sand and surf but also at lakes or even tropical-themed venues or nondescript reception sites decorated for a beach theme. Here are some beach wedding ideas to take your celebration from simply seaside to spectacular.

Soothing Seaside

Choose watery blues, greens and tans to reflect the sand and surf theme. Use seashells to line your aisle runner (and to keep it from blowing in the breeze) or use them alone to form your own beach-side bridal path. Have seashells wired into a bouquet and/or use sea grass or sea grape leaves as your green foliage. Hold your wedding in late spring or early autumn to enjoy deserted beaches and more moderate weather than potentially scorching summer heat.

Luscious Coastal Blues, Green and Whites with Umbrella

Hot, Hot, Hot

Go tropical with hot pink, lime green, bright orange and/or sunny yellow to give your wedding a Caribbean flavor. Have a steel band play your wedding march and to provide cocktail hour and/or reception music. Have your caterer design alcoholic and non-alcoholic signature tropical cocktails and host a beach-side barbecue or pig roast. Erect bright-colored beach umbrellas to keep guests cool, and to add atmosphere or hand out colorful paper parasols to keep guests shaded.


Who says you have to be in Hawaii to hold a Hawaiian-inspired beach wedding luau? Choose a simpler white sundress for yourself and wear an orchid lei while your groom is dressed in a typical white linen Hawaiian shirt with khaki pants and a shell lei. Alert guests to your arrival with someone proficient in playing a horn made from a conch shell. Distribute straw or banana-leaf fans to keep guests cool, drape them in leis and ask them to dress in appropriate muumuus and tropical print shirts for their comfort and to add to the atmosphere. Brudda Iz’s version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” on the ukulele would be a perfect wedding march or first dance.

Wedding Couple Kissing at Sunset on the Beach

Beach Blanket Wedding

For a very casual beach wedding, forget the chairs and lay out beach blankets and beach towels for guests to sit on (provide and clearly mark a couple of chairs for the wedding party and elderly or disabled guests.) Use surfboards as you backdrop or lay several boards on their side to mark off the aisle. Have a wiener roast over an open fire and watch the sky light up with a million stars that all of your guests can see so they can wish a wonderful marriage for you both.

With these beach wedding ideas you can plan a perfect beach wedding that has your signature style. Make sure the bride carries a luxurious monogrammed tote bag donning her new initials. Its the perfect tote for a wedding or honeymoon at the shore.

Destination Wedding Planning: Part 1 The Basics

August 3rd, 2010

Planning a destination wedding is considerably different than planning a wedding in your own home town. Therefore, if you are thinking about a destination wedding, you should take into consideration some potential challenges and benefits of getting married away.

Coastal Paradise

Plan on a Planner

Unless you want to make multiple trips to your preferred destination to locate potential vendors and then stay in touch with them in person to assess their ideas, products and progress, finding an experienced wedding planner will go a long way toward making your destination wedding planning experience considerably less stressful. You can choose a planner who resides in your destination, one who is based stateside but who specializes in planning weddings in your chosen location or, if you choose to marry at a large resort, chances are they’ll have an on-staff coordinator to walk you through the planning process.

Budget Realities

Since fewer people are likely to be joining you at your destination than might attend a local wedding, your wedding budget can stretch much further. However, depending on the location and your wedding plans, you can quickly go over budget if you’re not careful.

And while your guest list may be smaller, you are responsible for paying for transportation costs, accommodations and meals for your wedding party. You also will likely have to plan to pay for several gatherings of all of your guests in addition to your wedding reception.

However, since popular wedding destination resorts are looking for your business, most will offer all-in-one wedding packages that can be very budget-friendly. And you (or an outside planner) may be able to negotiate even greater incentives to hold your wedding and house your guests at a particular location.

Big cities like New York are exciting places for destination weddings

Scouting Locations and Return Engagements

If you’ve previously visited your planned wedding destination and are familiar with the venue and the locale, you’re ahead of the game. However, if you have a dream location but you’ve never been there before, plan to visit your destination before making any final decisions so that you can evaluate several potential wedding venues.

This isn’t a vacation. You’re on a mission to find the right venue, planner and/or vendors. You can’t rely solely on photos, websites and brochures because they might not tell the entire story. The location might be too far from the airport, or perhaps it’s in a busy flight path making an outdoor celebration undesirable. You also have no way of knowing how old the photos you’re looking at are or to judge things like the quality of food, service or décor.

Perhaps you may have a language barrier with a planner or vendors or your personalities or ideas don’t mesh. If you want your wedding to run smoothly, you have to have ever confidence in the people who are essential to your wedding’s success and that may mean that you need to scout out your planned wedding destination early in your wedding process.

When in Doubt, Check Them Out

As you would with any vendor or supplier, you want to check with past clients to get recommendations. However, since they likely won’t give you the contact information of anyone who might not have had a satisfactory experience with them, you also may want to use the power of the Internet and search or post on wedding website chat rooms or message boards to discuss your potential location, vendors and suppliers with other brides who held their wedding at your desired destination. Then you can gauge their reactions to the people or places you are considering. These sites may also be invaluable to help you to narrow down your search for potential venues, vendors and suppliers when you read posts by brides who were happy (or unhappy) with their decisions.

Bring Them Along

If your budget allows and you’re unsure of your destination’s vendors, you may choose to bring along your planner, décor designer, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist or anyone else you feel you need by your side to have your dream wedding. Of course, their fees will likely be higher than if they were working for you locally since they are unable to take on any other business while they’re accompanying you, but if you can afford to pay their fee, housing, transportation, and food, the additional cost may well be worth your peace of mind.

This series covers the critical issues of your planning a romantic get away location. Look for other tips for your destination wedding planning in top right column of our blog categories.

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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Creative ideas beyond flowers

July 29th, 2010

Wedding centerpieces are traditionally made of flowers and while lovely, they can also be expensive and won’t necessarily have your personal style or creative touch. Here are some wedding centerpiece ideas that you can use to put your personal stamp on your most important day.

Floral Centerpieces in a Row

By the Book

Are you and your fiancé avid readers? Artfully arrange hardcover books from your favorite authors to give guests a hint of your interests and to prompt conversation. Or have fun going to new and used book stores and finding a collection of classic love stories to display as your centerpiece. Add a little sparkle by highlighting your collection with tea lights.

Picture This

Show your guests your journey of romance through a series of framed photos of you and husband. Another option would be to show off photos of you and your guests at past gatherings. This will not only charm them but it will also be a great conversation piece for your guests and their table mates as they share stories about the photos.

Art Gallery

Do you, your fiancé or family member paint or draw? Now is a great time to have a gallery showing of your smaller pieces framed and set on the table as a centerpiece or suspend your larger framed works of art from the ceiling. Another way to show your love of art is by purchasing framed prints of your favorite artists’ works. You can frame actual prints or you can buy postcard or note cards featuring much-loved prints or purchase books that showcase these artists’ collections and cut, frame and exhibit copies of their work.

Candle Centerpieces for Dining by Night

Dining by Candlelight

Select a collection of pillar candles in varying heights or have fun going to yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets and tag sales to buy a collection of candlesticks in a variety of shapes and sizes to hold an array of taper candles. And if you want to add a little colorful punch, tuck in some flowers into your arrangements or select an assortment of candles in your wedding colors.

Simply Sculptured

Lovely pieces of sculpture can make stunning and unique wedding centerpieces. Whether they are made of plaster, pottery, marble and/or wood, these elegant or charming pieces will tell much about your style and interests.

While you can certainly use flowers, consider showing your unique flair with one of our wedding centerpiece ideas. These are non-traditional pieces that will add personalized style into your table’s center of attention.

Destination Wedding Planning – Island Getaways – No Passport Required

July 22nd, 2010

Colorful tropical parrotIf you want to have a destination wedding with a tropical feel but without the hassle and expense of you and your guests getting passports to your island getaway, if you’re a United States citizen, you’re in luck. There are numerous tropical islands that await your wedding.

Passport to Your Wedding

While having a passport is always a good investment because it’s an almost-universally accepted form of identification throughout the world that’s valid for ten years, there is an excellent chance that some of your guests might not have one.

By choosing one of these getaways, all you and your guests may need to travel is a copy of a valid birth certificate and/or a government-issued form of picture identification such as a driver’s license. Check with your destination’s tourism website or your travel agent to determine what identification is required to arrive and/or leave the locale.

Living Here, Marrying There

Most of these destinations won’t require that you arrive early to establish residency (from a few days to a week or more at some other island getaways), but most will necessitate that you acquire your wedding license before your arrival.

However, this easily can be done by completing the forms and filing payment online which will take away the hassle and expense of the extra days needed at many other islands to establish residency to qualify for a marriage license.

Hawaiian coast


What could be more romantic than having your wedding on one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii? Island breezes, spectacular volcanoes and mountains, exquisite settings, luxury resorts and stunning beaches await you.

Yes, Hawaii can be quite expensive, but if you consider that you’ll likely have far fewer guests traveling to your wedding and you’re already at your honeymoon site, chances are you can have a lovely Hawaiian wedding for about what a traditional wedding would cost on the mainland.

Puerto Rico's beautiful architecture

Pretty Puerto Rico

The U.S.-owned island of Puerto Rico brings you the flavor of the Caribbean with a decidedly Latin beat. From its miles of lush tropical beaches, incredible Spanish-inspired cuisine, luxury resorts and the splendor and history of Old San Juan, what more could you want from your destination wedding and honeymoon site?

Tropical Retreats

Chances are that as you’ve been researching possible island destination wedding locales, you’ve looked at the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St.Croix and St. John).

All of these islands are not only popular destination wedding and honeymoon sites, they are also a possession of the United States. So if you’re an American citizen, you won’t need a passport to enjoy a Caribbean getaway at these islands.

Other U.S.-owned commonwealths and territories that are lesser-known and more private include American Samoa, Baker Island, Howland Island, Guam, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, and Palmyra Atoll.

In Part II of this series, you’ll learn about other popular and even more affordable U.S. island destination wedding getaways that you can get to by car, boat or air. Check out this and other tips about destination wedding planning in the category in the top right column above.

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How to Give a Maid of Honor Speech

July 18th, 2010

Filled Glass Flutes Awaiting a Wedding ToastIf you’re not used to speaking in public, you may think that one of the most nerve-wracking duties of being the maid or matron of honor is giving a speech or a toast at the reception. However, with the tips you’ll learn here, you’ll be able to be prepared and relaxed.

It Will Be Over in a Minute or Two

Maid of honor speeches are generally given after the best man gives his toast. If written correctly, the best man speech focused primarily on the groom, just as yours should specifically be directed toward your relationship with the bride. Most of all, since toasts are often plentiful at weddings, guests will appreciate it if you keep your speech to less than two minutes

Go for a Giggle or a Grin

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian but if you can inject a little humor, especially at the beginning your toast, everyone will love it. For instance, if you’re sisters or roommates, you might say something like, “I’m not losing a sister/roommate, I’m gaining more closet space.” The best man probably went for the big laughs; unless you’re genuinely a funny person, you only need to make people smile.

Be Gracious

Thank the bride and groom for letting you be such a big part of their special day. Don’t forget to thank the bride’s and/or groom’s parents as hosts of the reception if they paid for any part of the wedding. Also thank the guests for coming and tell the other bridal attendants how much you enjoyed going on this journey with them and the bride.

Make it Personal…But Not Too Personal

It’s important that you speak from your heart and share a sweet story or two about why you and the bride are close and how important she is to you. However, never relate something about the bride’s past relationships or anything else that could remotely embarrass her. And be sure to say something complimentary and encouraging to the groom as well.

When In Doubt, Write it Out

Very few people can give a toast off the cuff. It’s much better to take the time to write out your speech and put it on note cards. This will help you to keep your nerves in control or prevent you from blathering on.

Practice Makes Perfect

You don’t want to read your speech word for word but you do want to be so familiar with it that you will only need to look at your notes periodically.

It’s also helpful to read your speech aloud to someone close to the bride to make sure that your speech works and isn’t offensive. Plus, by reading it out loud you’ll find that how you might phrase something on paper will be much different than how you would normally speak so it will give you a chance to make the necessary adjustments.

Stand and Be Clear

Never give your speech from a seated position. Just as your mother taught you, you should stand up straight. If you’re unfamiliar with public speaking, ask the bandleader or DJ before it’s your turn to speak for advice on how to hold the microphone or where you should stand.

Avoid the impulse to rush through your speech and be careful not to mumble. You also might want to consider hold off drinking any alcohol until after your speech so that you don’t inadvertently slur your words.

Wrap it Up

Wind up your toast with a line of poetry dealing with love or marriage, a favorite quote of the bride’s, or even a line or two from a song. Then ask the guests to raise their glasses with you to toast the bride and groom and take a sip and say, “Cheers!

Looking for more wedding tips? Browse through our categories above – our quality ranks with the best of wedding planning websites.

Destination Weddings – Part 2 – Bright Lights, Big City

July 14th, 2010

In Part 1 of “Destination Weddings – Bright Lights, Big City” you learned about metropolitan locations as alternatives to island getaways. Here are a few more areas to consider when planning your destination wedding.

Hollywood Sign on the Hill

Hooray for Hollywood

Looking for star style and celebrity spotting? Then set your own wedding production in and around Los Angeles and Hollywood. Turn a corner and watch your favorite TV show being filmed or visit the location sites of well-known romantic movies. Feel like a member of the rich and famous when you travel down Rodeo Drive or drive over to Malibu for your star-style beach wedding. Make Southern California the home to your own theatrical wedding event.

San Francisco as seen from the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco – Open Your Golden Gates

From Fisherman’s Wharf to Chinatown along San Francisco Bay you’ll find a wealth of beautiful locales and expansive vistas to enjoy. Gardens, rolling hills, historic hotels, fine dining, magnificent houses of worship, modern and historic skyscrapers and charming neighborhoods are around every corner. Arrive by trolley or rickshaw to your wedding and set the stage for a Frisco-style destination wedding.

For more rustic or artistic appeal, travel along the coast and host your wedding in the nearby Monterey, Carmel or Sausalito communities or head to Napa Valley where you’ll find stunning wineries, fabulous food, and breathtaking mountain views all in a one-of-a-kind setting.

The French Quarter of New Orleans

The Deep South

From “Gone with the Wind”-style plantations to rustic retreats, the Deep South offers innumerable opportunities for your Scarlett O’Hara-style wedding dreams. There’s the southern hospitality of Charleston, or the singular splendor of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Perhaps you prefer to go a little bit country in Nashville or visit the former home of Elvis at his Graceland estate in Memphis. Atlanta offers modern city style with old southern charm. You can get married by the bayou or while sailing along the Mississippi. Wherever you decide, southern style can be simply stunning.

The Beach near Miami

Sunny South Florida

Come stay where the stars play on the beautiful white sandy shores of Miami Beach. You’ll find Art Deco-designed wedding and reception sites or the old world charm of Latin architecture.

From an authentic Spanish mission to luxury estates and world-class resorts, Miami is the in-country hot spot for trendy, formal, Latin or Caribbean style weddings. With the diversity that Miami offers, you’ll be able to mix a tropical wedding with city style.

Or take a short drive up the coast and plan your destination wedding sailing along the many waterways of the “Venice of the Americas” in Fort Lauderdale or drive a little further north and get married in one of the “old money” mansions or resorts of Palm Beach.

Get Married with Mickey or Orcas

Want a feel like a bridal princess at your wedding? Well look no further than Walt Disney World. With its many luxury resorts you can enjoy a wide variety of themed hotels all with the charm of your own modern day fairytale wedding. Orlando offers an immense array of hotels and destinations not limited to Mickey and Minnie and their friends but also the characters and movie settings of Universal Studios.

Another option, have a whale of a wedding when plan to get married at Sea World. As a world-renowned destination, Orlando will have a venue with a theme that suits any culture or budget making it not only the perfect place for your destination wedding but also a fun-filled and romantic honeymoon locale.