Bridal Shower Gifts – What to Get for the Bride Who Has Everything

May 4th, 2010

Wedding Gift BoxWhether it’s a second marriage or an older bride who has already been out on her own or living with her fiancé and who doesn’t need a lot of “things,” finding the right bridal shower gift is sometimes stressful.

Here are some unique gift ideas for brides that are not only useful but are things she will love!

Flaunt Her New Name

When her name is joined with his, let her show it off with a monogrammed cosmetic bag, personalized purse, or a monogrammed bridal bag or wedding tote. She might also appreciate new stationery with her new name and address.

Gift Cards

While not fancy, these practical gifts will come in handy for a wide variety of purchases the couple will make as they begin married life. You can buy a generic gift card from major credit card companies that can be used in any store or you can purchase a gift card for their favorite restaurant, theater, home improvement store, wine shop, book store, or even select a gift card that will allow her to upload her favorite music.

Getting Crafty

What’s her hobby? Does she like to sew, knit, scrapbook or make jewelry? A trip to a local craft or fabric store will allow you to buy her a collection of items that will fill her hours now that she no longer has to spend her free time planning her wedding.

Call Ahead

Do you know where they are going on their honeymoon? Call ahead to the resort and order a welcome gift basket or fill their room with flowers or a bottle of wine.

Top Chef

People who like to cook always love new gadgets and cookbooks no matter how well-stocked her collection may already be. If she has favorite TV chefs, chances are you will be able to purchase one of their cookbooks or something from their line of cookware.

With a little imagination you can add some personal flair to your bridal shower gift that will make the bride delighted that you are a part of her special celebration.

Do you have any unique bridal shower gifts ideas? Add to this list by making a comment below – we would all love to hear them!

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